Sunday, January 19, 2014

Fix incorrect song count in Google Play Music

While uploading the music in our computer to Google Play Music, it scans the entire music library that we are selecting in the computer and matches the songs with the one available in the cloud. If the songs cannot be matched with the one available in the cloud, it will be uploaded.
It all goes well until we cancel the upload.
Once we cancel the upload process or if it is interrupted, the music manager will keep the history of total files available in the library and reserves the space. The problem here is that we cannot remove the storage space that is reserved for the files to be uploaded and we cannot upload any new music tracks if the space reaches 20,000.

For example, if we are uploading a music folder with around 1500 songs to Google Play Music and we cancelled the upload process when it uploaded 200 songs; Google Play Music will mark that we have reached 1500 songs count in our 20,000 limit.
This will be mentioned as Total tracks: 1500, and Playable tracks: 200 in Google Dashboard, wasting space for around 1300 tracks.
As there is no simple visible option yet to remove the incorrect count, most of the users consider this as a bug or an error.

There is however an easy fix for the issue. The process is like clearing the history of tracks that we are uploading or removing the cache.

First, Open the Music Manager and navigate to Advanced tab,

Once in the Advanced tab, click on Change for the location of the music collection. You will get a warning that the settings will be lost. But, that is all that we want.

Click on Continue, select any other music folder (if you want to upload music in them) or a blank folder.

Click Next and the software will scan for the music folder that you have selected for any files and will also display the correct remaining storage space.

Continue with the Next options and close the Music Manager or continue with new uploading.

This will remove any incorrect storage space mentioned in the account and you will be able to upload the tracks again.